Thursday, August 09, 2007

My first Cabbage

I had been told that cabbages are quite difficuly to grow and last year I failed. They do take a long time to grow and you need to be organised - to get some spring cabbage you need to be on the case now.
So in Janury I bought some Greyhound seeds, these are Summer cabbages and had these in the greenhouse for 2-3 months. When they were about 9 inches tall (some were quite leggy) I planted them out under fleece.
Cabbages can attract caterpillars and slugs so you do have to keep an eye on them. I left them under fleece for 2-3 months, not to keep them warm but just to keep the butterflies away. This was a tip from Lukerman and it seems to have done the trick and we had the first summer cabbage this weekend.

I just need to master growing leeks now..........

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dee said...

I cheated this year with my brassicas and bought plug plants :)