Saturday, March 07, 2009

Onions & Shallots are in took a while - I had 300 red barron sets to plant and it took a good hour to get them all in.

I have also prepared the potatoe bed and ready to plant my earlies - Last week the weather was quite mild and it was really tempting to plant some of them. But I still thought it was 3 weeks too early. gues what i was right this week there have been three ground frosts. Just goes to show you do have to have some patience.

still I am all ready to go. It is a good time to be at the allotment - It is like the start of the football season - all the fun is about to start!

This week i am putting in the following.

Carrotts - nantes earlies - 1 row
Beetroot - boltardy - 1 row

I am also seeeds some summer cabbages:

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PIE said...

My garden is now snow free! I am looking forward to starting my onions and peas! yay me! Good luck with those tomatoes this year...