Monday, December 04, 2006

I think I am getting there......

Well things have moved on a little further despite the rain. It seems that all it has done for the past few weeks is rain. Still things are moving in the right direction.

3-4 weeks ago I got some black matting and this has been laid across all of the raised beds to prevent any grass and weed growth. It seems to be doing the trick. So far I have 4 raised beds; 3 are still covered but the other has now been planted out with:
Red Garlic - I have been told that Garlic is the easiet thing to grow - last year I did grow some in the garden but it wasn't very productive. Hopefully this year will be more successful.
Onions - I have planted some winter onions - these are a hardy variety that need to be planted before Xmas and will be ready next June. Again I struggled growing onions in the back garden - so I will have to wait and see what happens.
I have left some space for some Shallots that will be planted in the New Year.

Fianlly I have moved 6 rhubarb crowns into one end of the raised bed.
I will be keeping a close eye on this uncovered raised bed to see if I have got rid of all the weeds.

Over the next month/Christmas I have the following jobs to do:
Build 2 more raised beds
Dig over the other beds (5 to go)
Weed in between the beds
Apart from that then I have got all my seeds ready and I just need to finish off my sowing/planting schedule.

Also I will aim to get a few pics on here very soon.

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